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Zao Premiere ‘The Ship Of Theseus’

West Virginian metalcore outfit, Zao, have released the second single from their long-awaited 12th studio album.

The track is called ‘The Ship Of Theseus’ and the album is called ‘The Crimson Corridor’ and will be available from April 9th.

Explain the band:

“If you are not aware, or are not caught up on ‘WandaVision‘, the Ship of Theseus paradox is this: If Theseus had a ship, and over time individual parts are slowly replaced until, eventually, no original parts remain, is it still the same ship? Also if you make a NEW ship out of the discarded parts? Which is the real Ship Of Theseus? Or is it neither? Zao is nothing if not self aware.”

Adds singer Daniel Weyandt:

“This song is an enigmatic tribute to the long surreal history of Zao and its shared parallels with the Ship of Theseus paradox. It also explores the idea that the band is somehow an entity in and of itself beyond its members past and present.”

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