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Witches Mark Debut New ‘The Butcher’s Bill Comes Due’ Track

Texan power metallers Witches Mark have released a new track from their forthcoming album.

The track is called ‘The Butcher’s Bill Comes Due’ and comes from the band’s forthcoming album of the same name. This is the band’s second full studio album.

Guitarist Robert Williams elaborates: “After we finished playing out in support of the last record we got a little busy playing in some other bands. I joined IGNITOR on guitar in January of 2015 and Robb Bockman (Guitar/Vocals) recently joined the black metal band UADA on bass and has been touring with them.

Both band’s have been doing really well for themselves and we’ve stayed consistently busy but wherever we’d go people kept asking us about WITCHES MARK and we’ve always known that band was something really special so we got together over the holidays and wrote all of the material for the next album. We hope to have this new record completed by the first quarter of next year.”

Dean Saliba

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