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TrueShot Call It A Day

Metalcore band TrueShot have broken up after only three years together.

A statement from the band can be read below.

“There’s really no other way to say this, but TrueShot is disbanding as a band and entity.

“Over the last three years and change, we’ve accomplished a lot, from our first EP, to playing bigger shows, and then venturing into the YouTube landscape and growing not only as a band, but as individuals, too. Throughout this entire process we’ve met countless amazing individuals and developed relationships that we will forever cherish.

“You’re probably wondering why this has happened. Well, in situations like this, there is no one reason to point to as to how this all happened, but I think the important thing to note is that none of this has happened out of ill feelings toward one another and we will continue to keep in contact personally as friends.

“We thank you all for the past three years.”

Dean Saliba

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