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Times Of Grace Unleash ‘Rescue’ Track

Times Of Grace – the band featuring Killswitch Engage members Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach – have unleashed a new track from their forthcoming second album.

The track is called ‘Rescue’ and the album will be called ‘Songs of Loss And Separation’ and will be in stores from July 16th via their own label Wicked Good Records.

Regarding the track Leach said:

“This is a more uptempo and full on positive song in comparison to the rest of this diverse, heartfelt, painful and deep album.

“I haven’t been more excited for anything in my career. Like it, hate it, love it it’s truly a labor of deep love and catharsis. Proud of this song as it is truly a raw and honest song about finding new love.

Love isn’t always easy or simple but if it is real it is always worth the effort and dedication. This song is about finding a shelter from the storm, that light in the darkness and the will and strength to keep on moving forward!”

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