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The Absence Premiere Title Track Of New Album

Tampa melodic death metal band The Absence have premiered the title track from their forthcoming new album.

‘Coffinized’ will be available from June 25th via M-Theory Audio.

Vocalist Jamie Stewart had this to say:

“We have all been Coffinized at one point or another – confined by a distant, funerary outlook; trapped in a dark, shrinking bubble. As one awaits a lingering exhale, it calls out – a seeping, miserable existence, disguised. Such horrors, hidden in debased, mental escape. You wrap yourself in it as it follows you down, further and further, engulfed by your own disgust and inability; it’s suffocating gaze collapsing in, embalming into your being. You become a living casket for all of your own bitter frustrations – nailed in and buried alive!”

Dean Saliba

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