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Scattered Storms Unleash ‘Kingslayer’ Video

Hailing from El Paso, TX, Scattered Storm is gearing up to release their debut EP Oblivion this summer. Their sound is both primal and futuristic, with clean groovy tones coming from 7 and 8 string guitars and catchy, heavy vocals. The first single from this release is “Kingslayer” being presented with a music video.

“Kingslayer”, is the heaviest track and came about by guitarist Kevin Armstrong watching too much Godzilla, plus it features a “Stanley Kubrick inspired space like ending.” They explain the track further in their own words:

“We felt this song really encompasses the overall sound of the band, because it has pretty much everything we wanted to throw in there. Big vocals, big guitars, pummeling bass, but most importantly that heavy ass steady groove, which will get some of these headbanging necks a run for their money. Lyrically touches on a couple of religious subjects plus the philosophical, but mostly focusing on letting go of all of that and being free of the mind and spirit.”

This new album isn’t a concept album, but each song meshes with the others and there is a distinct flow from one track to the next. Overall, it is captivating, showing off a band that is still experimenting with elements, but comes across as refined without sacrificing tightness.

The men behind Scattered Storm are not new entrants to the metal game. Jay Arriaga played in Random Allusion, and Years of Cold; Andre Acosta also belonged to Pissing Razors and Years Of Cold; Kevin Armstrong is currently with Mondoshawan and toured extensively with Section 6. Ed Razor is the founder of Pissing Razors and he also played drums with Overkill and bass with Ministry.

Those looking for music with a lot of ambience akin to Gojira, Tesseract, Fear Factory and Meshuggah will be interested in the futuristic sound of Scattered Storm.

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