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All Else Fails Are Back With A New EP

Edmonton rockers All Else Fails are back with a new EP.

‘The Forever Lie’ is a follow-up to their 2013 EP release ‘Fucktropolis’ and is due out on February 17th via indie label Suicidal Bride Records.

Front man Barret Klesko explaining what the EP is about: “‘The Forever Lie’ is the idea that if we fall in line, we will be taken care of. That we can work hard like our parents and we will be successful. It’s that our lives will ultimately have meaning, and that we deserve to be happy. The forever lie is the so called American dream, and that everything will be okay.”

Track Listing

01. Beneath the Waves
02. The Sons of Plenty
03. The Forever Lie
04 Twice Broken
05. Bones
06. Terracide

Here is ‘The Sons of Plenty’:

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