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Metal Blade To Re-Issue Trio Of Immolation Albums On Vinyl As Part Of Originals Series

New York death metal titans Immolation are the latest band to have their albums re-issued as part of Metal Blade Records’ Original Series.

The three albums are ‘Close To A World Below’ (2000), ‘Failures For Gods’ (1999) and ‘Here In After’ (1996). The release date will be January 13th 2017.

The release is part of Metal Blade’s Original Series which started earlier this year with the re-issue of Slayer titles ‘Show No Mercy’ (1983), ‘Hell Awaits’ (1985), ‘Haunting The Chapel’ (1984) and ‘Live Undead’ (1984).

Immolation’s Ross Dolan comments: “We are really excited that Metal Blade will be re-issuing our three records with them on vinyl. We are especially excited that ‘Here In After’ will finally be available on vinyl to the American fans since it was our only Metal Blade release that was never released in a vinyl format back in 1996.

“These three releases were a crucial part of Immolation’s musical journey, and they really helped solidify our sound and musical direction for years to come. Each one of these releases was extremely unique for the time and our fans still really seem to love what we have created with each of these three albums. Whether it was the dense and heavy ‘Here In After’, the chaotic and more intricate ‘Failures For Gods’ or the dark and epic ‘Close To A World Below’, each one of these albums holds a special place in this band’s 28-year history, and we are still to this day very proud of what these albums represent to us and our fans.

“We also wanted to give everyone a sense of where we were at the time of each release and what we remembered most from each one of these recording sessions, so for each of the three albums, Bob and I put together some liner notes to make these re-issues special for the die-hard fans. We hope everyone enjoys them and gets to re-visit these releases on vinyl once again. Enjoy and we will see everyone on the road in 2017!”

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