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Living Wreckage Launch Debut Single ‘Breaking Point’

Supergroup Living Wreckage have launched their debut single.

The band is formed of Vocalist Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), guitarist Jon Donais (Anthrax/Shadows Fall), Guitarist Matt LeBreton (Downpour), Bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall/Act Of Defiance) and drummer Jon Morency (Let Us Prey).

The debut single is called ‘Breaking Point’ and there is no information on a debut album as of yet.

Speaking about the track vocalist Jeff Gard said:

“It’s basically a middle finger to the powers that be and to the people that blindly follow them to whatever doom awaits. Whether it’s politics, the media, or people you know, there seems to be a recurring theme of fear and everything ‘hitting the fan.’ ‘Breaking Point’ is about how it is going to happen one way or another so screw it.”

You can check out their sound below:

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