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Imonolith Premiere ‘Angevil’ Track

Imonolith – the band consisting of Devin Townsend Project, Threat Signal, Methods of Mayhem and Econoline Crush members – have released the first track off their new EP.

The track is called ‘Angevil’ and the EP is called ‘Progressions’, there is no release date set yet.

Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen had this to say:

“‘Angevil‘ is an aggressive, hard hitting song from Imonolith’s upcoming 2021 EP, ‘Progressions‘. Musically, the song shows a more progressive evolution of the bands songwriting since the release of our debut album, ‘State of Being‘. Lyrically, ‘Angevil‘ is about people who want to portray themselves as good willed, honest people but in all reality their negativity, their egos and lies show their true colours. In short, they want to be angelic but the more negative, dishonourable side always prevails. Hence the song title, ‘Angevil‘.”

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