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Horndal Announce Release Of Two-Track 7-Inch Vinyl

Following on from the April release of their acclaimed sophomore full length, Lake Drinker, Sweden’s Horndal have today announced plans to release a new two-track single titled Be Evil. The self-proclaimed rust metal band from the eponymous town of Horndal expand upon their true-to-life horror story, with “Be Evil” and b-side track “Deceiver” taking aim at the evils of their hometown’s deforestation and big tech hypocrisy.

Be Evil is due for release via Prosthetic Records on January 14 and will be released on yellow 7” vinyl, limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Speaking on the surprise announcement, Horndal comments:

“Not ok, Google. What good-hearted company has a motto like ‘Don’t Be Evil’? Only a demon needs that type of everyday reminder. Perfect inspiration for a heavy tune. The artwork features the remains of an eurasian eagle-owl, the Horndal region’s official spirit animal, pierced by invasive knot-weed. The b-side, The Deceiver, is taken from the recording sessions of our debut album, Remains.”

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