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Halveksia Premier Miasma I & II From Debut EP

Brighton doom metal newcomers, Halveksia, have released the title track from their forthcoming debut EP.

The band was formed in 2016 and fans can finally get their hands on their debut EP on March 26th via Infernum Records.

Vocalist Jai had this to say:

“We’re pleased to finally be releasing our 4-track EP Miasma. The EP itself was originally going to be a 6-track album, but we felt after recording all the songs we had yet to refine some of them and overall felt like quality over quantity was important. We looked to bring a hard-hitting edge to the Doom genre as well as experiment with our ideas and create a fluid type of genre between different types of metal.

The original premise for our album was a descent into the human psyche, and how it can devolve and fracture at any moment, returning to its primal roots and escape from the reality we have built for ourselves in society. Putting the lyrical idea aside, we also wanted to play fat riffs and have a good time playing which we think we have accomplished! We hope you enjoy a taste of Halveksia and there is certainly more to come.”

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