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Exodus Push Back New Album Release

Fans looking forward to Exodus’ long-awaited 11th studio album will have to wait a bit long.

The band have announced that the release date for ‘Persona Non Grata’ has been pushed back until November. This is of course due to their drummer currently undergoing chemotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma and want him for the release and subsequent touring.

Exodus vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza said in a recent episode of his Zetro’s Toxic Vault podcast:

“It’s a career-defining record. You guys have not heard it yet, but it’s a career-defining album. And once you hear it, you will understand that. And it makes sense why we waited, so that he can BE part of this. ‘Cause nobody’s thinking he’s not — he’s gonna fully recover from this. And we’ll be out kicking your asses once again.”

A GoFundMe was recently launched to help Hunting with his medical bills.

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