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Erra Premiere New ‘Scorpion Hymn’ Track

Erra have released a new track from their forthcoming self-titled album.

The track is called ‘Scorpion Hymn’ and you an listen it to below:

Talking about the song, vocalist J.T. Cavey said:

“The song features almost the entire spectrum of my voice. Producer Grant McFarland and Jesse Cash [guitarist] assisted on creating an ominous chorus that gets stuck in your head.”

Jesse Cash goes into more detail about what the song is about:

“The title refers to the fable of The Scorpion and the Frog, about the nature of violent instinct. It lent a means of having aggressive lyrics to compliment the aggressive style of the instrumentals. The theme deviates in the middle section with about 8 lines about self-reflection, hazy identity, perhaps imposter syndrome, and as final group of lines that summarize the development of jaded feelings towards aged aspirations.”

The album is due for release on March 19th via UNFD.

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