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Crobot Debut ‘Kiss It Goodbye’ Single Featuring Howard Jones

Pennsylvania hard rockers Crobot have released a new single with Howard Jones making an appearence.

The single is called ‘Kiss It Goodbye’ and it will appear on the band’s forthcoming ‘Rat Child’ EP, which is due out on June 18th.

The band had this to say about teaming up with Howard Jones:

“Howard was introduced to us through mutual friends. We have always been huge fans of his melodic footprint and his unique melodies. When we heard he would be interested in writing with us, we were beyond excited. He flew down to Austin and spent a few days in a studio with us.

We had a such great chemistry with him and wrote ‘Kiss it Goodbye.’ We thought it was a shoe-in for being a track on ‘Motherbrain‘ but for whatever reason, it didn’t make the cut. It seemed like such a travesty to let such a great song sit on the shelf. So, we’re pumped to let the world hear it!”

Listen to it below:

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