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Caliban Unveil New Track ‘Nights’

German metalcore veterans Claiban have unveiled a new track from their forthcoming EP.

The title of the track is ‘nICHts’ and the EP is called ‘Zeitgeister’ and will be on sale from May 14th via Century Media.

You can listen to the track below:

Talking about the track vocalist Andy Dörner said:

“Who am I, where do I belong? Disorientation, hopelessness, fear, helplessness – the feeling of depression, feelings that can have multiple reasons. It’s feelings that many of us can relate to, especially these days and during the ongoing pandemic. ‘nICHts’ is dealing with these really dark places that are reflected by our protagonist who is dreaming about taking his own life.” What is really important to the band though: “Suicide is not a solution. If you feel like you are getting lost in these feelings, there are people ready to help you,”

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