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Caliban Release Music Video For ‘Intoleranz’

German metalcore titans, Caliban, have released a music video for ‘Intoleranz’ from their forthcoming EP.

The EP is called ‘Zeitgeister’ and sees the band re-recording several of their earlier tracks in their native language. ‘Intoleranz’ was originally released as ‘Intolerance (Ignorance II)’ on their debut album ‘A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven’ back in 1999.

The EP is due for release on May 14th via Century Media Records.

Describing the song, Andreas Dörner says:

“The song was originally called ‘Intolerance’, it is a very old track from ‘A Small Boy In A Grey Heaven‘. In a nutshell the motto is: I will stay different. The song is a plea for individualism and individual fulfilment and against intolerance.”


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