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Bound In Fear Release ‘Everblack’ Single And Music Video

UK deathcore band, Bound In Fear, have released a new single.

The track is called Bound in Fear and comes from their latest EP, Eternal, which is available now via Leader Records.

The track was inspired by vocalist Ben Mason’s childhood experiences:

“It felt alien making a video that was so personal and honest to me. Seeing it in its final form really tore me up, and made me realise how much the video’s subject still affects my life. I thought I had dealt with it, but in reality it is something I will always have to live with. There are so many others who have suffered in this way and are afraid to talk about it. If this video encourages even one person to reach out and get help, then that means the world to us and is a step in the right direction for society.”

Dean Saliba

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