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Bodysnatcher Release Cover of Hatebreed’s ‘Smash Your Enemies’

Bodysnather have unleashed a cover of Hatebreed’s ‘Smash Your Enemies’.

The cover will appear as the b-side on the new 7″ release of their single ‘Break The Cycle.

Drummer Chris Whited commented on the cover:

“‘Under The Knife‘ by Hatebreed was an EP that changed my taste in music growing up. Hatebreed paved the way for heavy underground music. Without them, bands like Bodysnatcher wouldn’t exist. We just wanted to pay respects to a band that we feel deserves it. We recorded a cover of ‘Smash Your Enemies‘ back in October 2020 so we’re super pumped for people to finally hear it.”

Dean Saliba

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