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Befell Release ‘Ticks’ Single And Announce EP

Pennsylvania-based thrash newcomers Befell have released a single from their debut EP.

The single is called ‘Ticks’ and the EP is called ‘Solitude’ and will be available from May 20th via Bandcamp.

The band were formed during the pandemic and managed to very quickly put ten songs together. The band consists of Bruce Boring (vocals/guitars), Mitchell Caprio (guitars), and Jace Ebersole (drums).

Befell explain the record and the single in their own words:

“Despite the overall dark melodies that sound almost in the black metal area in some parts, but overall the aggression and buildups to explosive parts make it a fun listen and it’ll hopefully give off the feeling of people wanting to hear these songs live. The singles are meant to show exactly what we’re all about. The track “Smoke Signals” demonstrates the blend of atmosphere, melody, and aggression while EP opener “Ticks” mostly leans towards the aggression and buildup to the riffs.”

Have a listen to their first single below:

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