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Axl Rose Manager Tells AC/DC Fans To Stay Away

Axl Rose manager Beta Lebeis has criticised AC/DC fans who are unhappy with the Guns N’ Roses singer being part of the band’s current line-up.

Rose is helping the band complete their Rock Or Bust world tour after Brian Johnson was forced to leave the band when threatened with permanent hearing loss back in April.

Rose’s performances have drawn criticism from fans, but his manager has finally lashed out.

In a series of Instagram posts, which appear to have been since removed (reported by Alternative Nation), she said last week: “Do them a favour – don’t come or watch any shows. They don’t need assholes like you around. You are an illness to both bands.

She added: “I’m sure all of you wish Brian would be there, but Brian is sick. For God’s sake just appreciate what’s up there and stop being so selfish.

“Grow up and stop complaining. This is also about Angus and his mates – have some respect for them.

“Brian chose to leave due to health issues and Axl is helping his idol. I guess haters will always be haters and have nothing better to do than shit on other people.”

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