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Alien Weaponry Release Title Track Of New Album

The wait is over – international metal stars Alien Weaponry have returned with a vengeance, announcing the release of their fervid upcoming sophomore release, Tangaroa, out September 17 via Napalm Records.

Since releasing their acclaimed debut Tu (2018), the New Zealanders’ kinetic presence and sound – combining elements of thrash and groove metal with lyrics in the native indigenous language, te reo Maori — has attracted throngs of fans and media supporters across the globe. As with their 2018 single “Kai Tangata” – which has amassed more than 10 million views on YouTube and claimed the number-one spot on SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s “Devil’s Dozen” for 13 consecutive weeks – much of Tangaroa is immersed in the historical stories and cultural heritage of the Maori people.

In addition, Tangaroa details stories of personal struggle and growth, as well as crucial environmentalism topics. Witness a first sample of the band’s stirring new music with the album’s colossal title track, “Tangaroa.” Accompanied by a gripping music video, the track details the pressing theme of climate change and illegal fishing practices. Through raising this awareness, Alien Weaponry hope to support the important work and efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Lewis de Jong says about the track: “We decided to write this song about how the ocean is being suffocated by humans and their waste. The ocean is an important part of my life, and it’s important to protect it.”

Drummer Henry de Jong adds: “‘Tangaroa’ is a heavy and angry message about how we are destroying the ocean with pollution and overfishing. The video ties in with this message, with us drowning in plastic conveying the struggle of ocean life.”

Watch the brand new official music video for “Tangaroa” here:

Accented by personal touches like its entrancing album art originally conceptualized from drawings by Lewis de Jong, Tangaroa is a massive next step for a band on the rise, encompassing all of the elements that make Alien Weaponry heavy metal’s most authentic rising stars.
Henry de Jong says about Tangaroa: “The album is tied together with the message of ‘Tangaroa’ – the whole album is more a snapshot of the band’s brains during the writing process. We have also written songs that are about some of our first tupuna (ancestors) who were here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Hatupatu, who is very famous in Maori history, as well as Ihenga, who named a number of places in Aotearoa during his travels.”

Lewis de Jong adds about the album’s artwork and thematic details: “The album is named after the track ‘Tangaroa’, and we went with this theme on the artwork. The album is drawn from some new experiences we’ve had as well as some ancient Maori tales. I think we have stepped things up from the last album.”

Bassist Turanga Morgan-Edmonds also adds: “This album’s use of even more traditional Maori sounds and styles is a very exciting step forward for us.”

Tangaroa track listing:

01. Titokowaru
02. Hatupatu
03. Ahi KaT
04. Tangaroa
05. Unforgiving
06. Blinded
07. Kai Whatu
08. Crooked Monsters
09. Buried Underground
10. Dad
11. Ihenga
12. Down The Rabbit Hole

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