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Aerith Release ‘Thy New Design’ Track

Californian melodic death metal outfit Aerith have released a new single.

The single is called ‘Thy New Design’ and features guest vocals from Lee Mintz (Greylotus) and drums by Josh Dummer (Buried Realm).

The band had this to say regarding the new track:

“The track features guest vocals from Lee Mintz of Greylotus and a guest solo from Josh Dummer of the melodic death metal project Buried Realm both these gentlemen were a pleasure to work with and what came from their creativity really brought something fun and special! We can’t thank them enough for all they put into their guest spots and it was a privilege to work with them and make new acquaintances.

We have had this track on the back burner since 2018, it’s gone through alot of changes but we are so glad to see it finally see the light of day and get to all your ear holes! Again, the new single will be dropping this Friday with a big announcement that will come at the end of the stream video! Stay tuned!”

Check out the track below:

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